About Us

The platform Nordic Central brings together a wide range of actors with an interest in improving and advancing exchange between Northern Europe and Central Africa. Contact us to know more. 

Our Mission

Together for a better future. 

Nordic Central is committed to promoting policies and activities to encourage economic- & social development and enhance cultural exchange between Northern Europe and Central Africa. We are a non-political organization. 

Investment Team

Our investment team works actively on finding new opportunities and accompanying international and local partners and institutions in the sub-regions.

International Relations

International Relations is the base of our activities. We are actively expanding our collaboration partners.

Communication & PR

Improved communications leads to improved understanding. That is why our Communications Team is important to the organization. 

Our Offices

Nordic Central has one foot in each sub-region. The Nordic head office is situated in Sweden's capital Stockholm. The Central African office is situated in Chad's capital N'Djamena.  


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